The World’s best blockchain domain name portfolio is now officially on the market. This group of over five hundred blockchain and FinTech domain names covers every major industry, keyword pairing and geographical region possible in the .COM. Put together over half a decade ago by early blockchain pioneer and co-founder of Blockchain TV, Jason Cassidy, the portfolio was built around showcasing what the new digital era would encompass. Fast forward to today and almost every major sector of business and human activity is being positively disrupted by blockchain technology. The value this portfolio offers in terms of investment, marketing, branding potential and credibility is far eclipsed by the sheer volume and coverage of the domains across the internet. This is akin to owning the entire beach opposed to a 2 acre plot.

Total domains:  519
Cost: $6,000,000.00 USD (6M), payable in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH).

There is a 5% commission being offered to the whomever helps broker a successfully completed sale. That is 300K USD in BTC or ETH paid to you for helping complete the sale. The portfolio is being sold in its entirety only, for more information on the Blockchain Names domain name portfolio, please contact