block-chain-tv is the parent company and serves as our media platform, with the goal to provide relevant and on-trend content with a global perspective on the decentralization revolution. We are currently in pre-production of our first series ‘Unchained”, which focuses on the untold story of global Bitcoin and Blockchain adoption. For more information on “Unchained” and our other projects, visit us at




logo-2145662568 is Canada’s 1st Bitcoin consulting company, focusing on the growth and adoption of Bitcoin across the country. We work with individuals, charities and businesses to identify how Bitcoin can help them succeed. To learn how to get started with Bitcoin visit us at




block-chain-logo focuses on the acquisition, development and promotion of digital property with the goal of creating industry specific businesses. We connect individuals, start-ups and established businesses with premium domain names to facilitate that process. For sales, leasing and partnership opportunities please contact us at